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Dynamic Warm-Ups

Ryan Carr warming up with Jay Dyer

Dynamic Warm-Up for the Lacrosse Athlete

Lacrosse athletes require speed, power, strength, agility, coordination and endurance to excel on the field. Properly warming-up prior to activity ensures athletes are prepared to demonstrate these athletic qualities to their full potential. Utilizing a dynamic warm-up, opposed to static stretching, will improve speed, power, strength, endurance, and balance. Static stretching, defined as holding a stretch for 10-30 seconds, however has been shown to reduce muscular power and strength and is better utilized for recovery following activity.

A dynamic warm-up is composed of exercises addressing the movement demands for muscles of the hips, groin, legs, lower and upper back, and shoulders while also addressing specific movements of the sport. Perform a light general warm-up, such as jogging sideline to sideline and back three times, prior to beginning the dynamic – warm-up. Click on the video link below for a sample of dynamic warm-up stretches. Perform each exercise over a distance of 10 yards, pausing in each position to ensure you are stretching the intended muscle groups.

For more information on dynamic warm-ups and programs to improve speed, strength, and other athletic abilities, contact MedStar Sports Medicine Strength and Conditioning Specialists.

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