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Concussion Program

FullSizeRenderThe MedStar Sports Medicine Concussion Program is overseen by our highly trained orthopaedic and sports medicine specialists. Based on proven trials, research and clinical work, the program has been used by some of the country’s top professional athletes, as well as student athletes and weekend warriors.

As part of the program, we recommend that athletes take a baseline neurocognitive assessment as part of a pre-participation physical exam. In addition, if a concussion is suspected, we recommend that you seek medical attention right away.

The experts of MedStar Sports Medicine are available to speak to parent groups, healthcare providers, athletic directors, athletic trainers, coaches, school and league administrators, and other groups on concussions and other sports-related topics.

To schedule baseline testing, be evaluated following a suspected concussion, or schedule a guest speaker, call 410-248-8398.

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Video: How to Detect a Concussion

 Video: Causes of a Concussion

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