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Youth Player Experience Survey

  1. Lisa Hepburn PhD, MPH; Reginald Dunn, MS; Shane V. Caswell, PhD; Andrew. E. Lincoln, ScD.
  2. Funded by US Lacrosse
  3. US Lacrosse is interested in learning more about the youth lacrosse player experience. This includes understanding what affects the quality of the experience for both the youth player and their family. US Lacrosse believes the player experience is related to multiple factors including coaching, the social environment, costs related to participation, injuries, and required commitment at various levels of play. By investigating how these factors are related to the youth lacrosse experience US Lacrosse will gain a greater understanding on how to keep players engaged in the game longer, one of the goals of the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model. To address these questions, MedStar Sports Medicine and George Mason University researchers will develop questions to be administered through focus groups and surveys to parents of youth lacrosse player as well as youth lacrosse players.