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Sport Involvement of Youth Lacrosse Players: How Much Is Too Much?

  1. Lisa Hepburn PhD, MPH; Andrew Lincoln ScD, MS; Richard Ginsberg PhD; 1) MedStar Sports Medicine Research, Baltimore, MD 2: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
  2. Funded by US Lacrosse
  3. The purpose of this study is to learn more about how much time youth lacrosse players spend practicing and playing lacrosse and what type of sport-related activities they participate in. We also wanted to learn more about their involvement with other sports. The youth sports landscape continues to change with trends toward higher levels of competition and single sport specialization at younger ages. For youth lacrosse players, this includes more opportunities to join travel or club teams, to play in weekend tournaments and to play lacrosse year-round. In some circumstances there is pressure at young ages for young athletes to choose one sport over another to allow complete focus on a single sport. While these opportunities provide many children with the chance to engage frequently in a sport they enjoy, medical professionals are concerned about how this increase in workload and scheduling as well as specialization is associated with the growing incidence in sports-related overuse injuries and sport drop-out.