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Secondary Musculoskeletal Injury Risk after Concussion

  1. Daniel C. Herman, MD, PhD (University of Florida); Andrew Lincoln, ScD (MedStar Sports Medicine Research Center); Shane Caswell PhD, ATC (George Mason University)
  2. Funded by AMSSM
  3. Recent studies indicate that there is a high risk of musculoskeletal injury after return to play from concussion (RTP-C). However, the magnitude, duration, and the variables associated with this increased injury risk are not fully elucidated. This study aims to determine the magnitude and duration of musculoskeletal injury risk in high school athletes after RTP-C compared to control athletes. Athletes after RTP-C under standard clinical guidelines may be at elevated risk for serious musculoskeletal injuries. An understanding of this risk may be used to enhance post-concussion rehabilitation, inform RTP-C clinical decision making, and improve injury risk assessment and prevention.