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LaxPrep: Lower Extremity Injury Risk Reduction Program

  1. Justin Cooper, PT; Carissa Colangelo ATC; Lisa Hepburn PhD, MPH: Andrew Lincoln ScD, MS; MedStar Sports Medicine
  2. Funded by US Lacrosse
  3. The study aimed to create a lacrosse specific warm up program to be used by male and female lacrosse athletes prior to practice to reduce their risk for lower extremity injuries and increase strength and performance. Lower extremity injuries which include knee and ankle sprains and ligament tears are one of the most common injuries among both male and female lacrosse players yet scientific evidence has shown that the risk of these injuries can be reduced through correct training. US Lacrosse wanted to create a lacrosse-specific warm up program that could be used by coaches, players and parents throughout the lacrosse community to address this problem.