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Lacrosse Injury Surveillance

  1. Lisa Hepburn PhD, MPH, Andrew Lincoln ScD, MS; MedStar Sports Medicine Research, Baltimore, MD.
  2. Funded by US Lacrosse
  3. As the governing body of the sport of lacrosse, US Lacrosse is the leader in sport policy development. Setting policies related to player safety is a priority and it is therefore important for US Lacrosse to stay informed about injury rates and trends developing within the sport. Trained medical staff utilizing an electronic injury surveillance system at high school and youth lacrosse games and practices as well as summer tournament data, enables MedStar Sports Medicine Researchers to collect and analyze injury data quickly and efficiently. Collected data is analyzed by MedStar biostatisticians to produce reports for US Lacrosse. Data has been presented for single years and in summary form for the years of data that are available.