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About Us

At the MedStar Sports Medicine Research Center, we envision a society that integrates an active lifestyle for strong physical and mental well-being by promoting healthy exercise and rapid recovery from athletic injury. 

Our mission is to support an active lifestyle, health and wellness for all athletes through scientific research that deepens the understanding of human physiology and sports injury and translates to improved safety and player/participant health.  

MedStar Sports Medicine's nationally recognized research activities complement our reknowned clinical programs in the domains of orthopedics, sports cardiology, concussion and youth sports safety. Partnerships with professional leagues (NFL, MLB), sport governing bodies (US Lacrosse, Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association), colleges, high schools, and local youth sports organizations provide access to research opportunities with athletes competing at all levels of sport.  

Through close alignment with MedStar Sports Medicine physicians, athletic trainers and physical therapists, Research Center findings are integrated into clinical practice guidelines and policies to optimize performance, reduce the risk of injury, and foster a full and fast recovery.