Power To Heal Campaign

2017 Power to Heal Campaign

MedStar Health launched the 2017 Giving: The Power to Heal Campaign on Monday, Oct. 2. This campaign invites associates and physicians to invest through philanthropy and support patient experience initiatives across the system.

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A Focus on Patient Experience

Our focus this year is to support, enhance, and sustain a variety of patient experience initiatives across MedStar Health. In collaboration with leadership, specific initiatives have been developed to enhance the experience of our patients and their families.

Commitments to MedStar Sports Medicine will support the development associated with the newly created PASSport Program - Youth Sports Annual Symposium. This inaugural conference, scheduled for spring 2018, will engage local youth sports organizations and coaches to discuss and educate ways to redefine the culture of youth sports. Examples of educational components include: an overview of MedStar Sports Medicine injury prevention, nutrition, sports psychiatry and Positive Coaching Alliance.

Gratitude has the Power to Heal

We will celebrate our growing culture of gratitude by creating awareness about philanthropy and how it can impact our patients and their families. Expressions of gratitude have been shown to increase positivity and happiness, deepening our relationships with one another.

In a long lacrosse career that was generally without injury, Caroline Frock fell in a game sophomore year and heard a pop in her knee. Feeling no pain, Caroline believed that she was capable to continue the game. However, under her Mother’s guidance, Caroline was rushed to the hospital to check the severity of the injury. Caroline suffered an ACL rupture and meniscus tear.

After a successful surgery, Caroline started the process of recovery, “I saw my progress both physically and mentally throughout my rehabilitation. I’m now back to playing on the field faster, stronger, and more confident than ever before.” Caroline is grateful for a rehab team that went above and beyond; to the point of cheering her on at a lacrosse game.

Watch Our 2016 Impact Video

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Sports medicine grateful patient, Caroline Frock is pictured with Vadj Dubiansky, Vice President, Operations, MedStar Ambulatory Services

Ways to Participate

Choose the option that’s best for you.

  • One-year payroll deduction: begins on the first Jan. 2018 pay date and occurs for all pay periods in 2018 – minimum of $2 per pay period required
  • One-time payroll deduction: total gift will be deducted on first Jan. 2018 pay date – minimum of $5 total payroll deduction – please use printable form only
  • One-time gift: credit card, cash or check

Gifts of Gratitude

Make Your Gift in Gratitude to a Colleague!

Did you know gratitude has the Power to Heal? This is true for our patients, their families and even our associates. The Power to Heal campaign is your opportunity to make a gift in gratitude to an associate who has made an impact on you. Once a commitment is made, you will receive an email with the Gifts of Gratitude eCard where you can express your gratitude to your honoree with a personal note. If a gift has been made in your honor by a colleague on their commitment form, you will be notified after the campaign.

Choose to make a Gift of Gratitude online or via the printable commitment form today!

Participate Today!

A new commitment form must be submitted each year; please complete the online form:




Or download the printable version and return it via:

  • Email to [email protected].
  • Mail to or Drop off at: Attn: Jean Sonni, 10980 Grantchester Way, 7th Floor - Philanthropy, Columbia, MD 21044.

Additional Resources

Questions? Contact Jean Sonni, philanthropy engagement officer, at 410-772-6670 or via email at [email protected].