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Josh Billings

Josh Billings, PT, MPT, received his Bachelor's degree in Biology from Susquehanna University in 1995 and his Master's in Physical Therapy from University of Delaware in 1997. 

Josh was a middle distance runner in college and started the first Running Injury Clinic in the Baltimore area, incorporating his manual therapy skills with video gait analysis and use of the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill. He has grown that program to include 15 running injury clinics throughout D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

Clinically, Josh also has expertise in treating other athletes, with a special focus on the throwing athlete and ACL injuries from injury reduction programs through return to play. He is especially passionate about working with youth athletes and making positive changes in youth sports programming through community outreach and education.

In addition to his clinical interests, Josh is also the Regional Director of seven MedStar National Rehabilitation Network clinics in Anne Arundel County and southern Baltimore.

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