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MedStar Sports Medicine is always seeking highly motivated, professional, licensed & certified Athletic Trainers to become part of their cutting-edge sports medicine team.

Qualified candidates will be working within a fast paced, dynamic medical system to provide the highest level of orthopedic and sports medicine healthcare to patients of all ages and skill levels.  

The MedStar Sports Medicine Athletic Training team offers a variety of positions, including but not limited to; Full Time Physician Extender/Athletic Trainers in Physicians practice, Community Liaison’s, and a variety of Outreach positions in traditional sports settings (i.e. professional, semi-professional, collegiate, high school, and clubs sports teams/organizations).  There is also the potential for unique opportunities for duel credential professionals such as Physical Therapists/Physical Therapy Assistants. 

Our positions offer a variety of schedule options, from PRN hours up to full-time 40 hours per week. We offer a highly competitive salary, numerous incentives and competitive benefits package for full-time employees, and the distinct opportunity to work closely with renowned sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, as well as a team of close to 50 talented Athletic Trainers!

Want to know more? Check out some of our sample job descriptions below:

Full Time Physician Extender/Athletic Trainer in Physicians practice:

  • Provides assessments of patients including review of pertinent medical history information, performance of specific assessments; determination of recommendations and accurately communicate and present this information to the physician.
  • Acts as a physician-patient liaison in both surgical and nonsurgical conditions in conveying concerns and information. Responsible for educating patients and ensuring that the physician's instructions/protocols are understood and adhered to by the patient.

Community Liaison:

  • Serve as liaison between MedStar Sports Medicine, MedStar NRH, community organizations, parents, athletes, outside physicians and physical therapists to enhance community relationships, solidify program growth and provide high quality health care services.
  • Seek new business and growth opportunities for the MedStar Sports Medicine brand (contracts, schools, teams, clubs, programs) in an effort to build the MSM profile, solidifying these opportunities with partnership agreements, MOUs, and contracts.

Outreach positions:

  • Demonstrates proficient implementation of acute treatment protocols based upon assessment findings and the patient's clinical presentation.
  • Provides assessments of injured athletes onsite at the training facility on an as needed basis including review of pertinent history information, performance of specific assessments, determination of recommendations and accurately and timely documentation of results.

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