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When the Baltimore Orioles’ players get injured, they look to the top experts to get them back in the game quickly and safely. That’s why the Baltimore Orioles trust MedStar Sports Medicine to be their Official Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Team, and we’re here for you too.

Our team of sports medicine physicians and orthopedic surgeons offers comprehensive care and treatment for all of your injuries, whether you’re a weekend warrior, play on a team or just enjoy some occasional exercise. In addition, we offer performance enhancement clinics to decrease your chance of getting injured. These clinics include throwing clinics for pitchers at all levels of play who want to throw better and reduce their chance of injury.

Our experts are constantly working on developing advanced therapies and minimally invasive procedures, giving you early access to new treatments. At MedStar Sports Medicine, our goal is to return you to the activity level you desire as soon as possible, with the least chance of reinjury.

Our physicians are located at over 70 convenient hospital and outpatient locations throughout the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. regions.

Baltimore Orioles Team Physicians

MGSH_Baltimore_Jacob_Michaels_Orthopaedic_Surgery 2

Michael Jacobs, MD 
Team Physician


Leigh Ann Curl, MD 
Team Physician


Christopher Looze, MD 
Team Physician


David Cohen, MD 
Team Physician


Sean Curtin, MD 
Team Physician


Jeffrey Mayer, MD 
Team Physician


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